2020 Exhibitors

Nanosystec Corp
Nanosystec offers powerful stations for optical connections either with active or with passive alignment. The new Optospin series for active alignment reduces alignment time by a factor of 10 maintaining all the advantages of active alignment. Passive alignment is ideal for applications with a sufficiently large loss budget. Both alignment methods are used in stand alone work stations of the NanoGlue series or in integrated system for large volume production with feeder for the presentation of the workpieces. For more information, visit www.nanosystec.com

Samtec, Inc.
Samtec is a manufacturer of high speed interconnect products that will enable a transmission line from silicon to silicon at the highest data rates in the industry today.  We will be showing our High Temp Firefly Mid-Board optical modules, as well as our PCIe Active Optical cables and connectors. For more information, visit www.samtec.com

Synopsys Optical Solutions Group
Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group is a leading developer of optical design and analysis tools: LucidShape® products for automotive lighting,LightTools®illumination design software, CODE V® imaging optics design software, RSoft™ products for photonic and optical communications system design, and PIC Design Suite for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) layout and verification. For more information, visit www.synopsys.com/optical-solutions.html

US Conec Ltd.
With over twenty-five years of proven innovation, US Conec continues to redefine the optical interconnect industry with next generation high density connectivity solutions. We design, develop, and manufacture industry leading technology solutions worldwide for data center structured cabling, public network, on-board interconnect, industrial and military markets. Our key product developments include MT ferrules, MTP® brand MPO connectors, MTP® PRO solutions, MXC® connectors, PRIZM® LightTurn® and PRIZM® MT lensed ferrule technology, IBC™ fiber optic cleaning solutions, termination equipment, high precision optical packaging components, and customized precision interconnect solutions. For more information, visit www.usconec.com.

VPIphotonics, Inc.
VPIphotonics provides flexible simulation software and design services supporting requirements of active/passive integrated photonics, doped-fiber applications, optical system and network applications, and cost-optimized equipment configuration.  Join us for live demos on modeling transmission systems with 4D modulation formats, complex integrated devices in Silicon Photonics and InP, and pulsed or high-power doped-fiber applications. For more information, visit www.vpiphotonics.com

Building our connected future takes strong connections. For years, 3M has been at the forefront of innovation in the interconnect space. Now with a revolutionary solution for multi-channel expanded beam optical interconnect designed to drastically reduce your ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs, expand the possibilities with 3M’s Expanded Beam Optical Interconnect.  For more information, visit www.3m.com