Invited Speakers

Yuliya Akulova, Intel Corporation, USA, “Silicon Photonic Components for 400Gb/s Transceivers”

Drew Alduino, Intel Corporation, USA, “Integrated Silicon Photonics for Future Data Center Applications”

Tymon Barwicz, IBM Bromont, Canada, “Large-scale, Automated, High-throughput Photonic Packaging”

Keren Bergman, Columbia University, USA, “PINE: An Energy Efficient Flexibly Interconnected Photonic Data Center Architecture for Extreme Scalability”

Fabio Cavaliere, Ericsson Research, Italy, “Transmission and Switching Technologies for 5G Transport Networks”

Frank Chang, Inphi, USA, “Recent Advances of PAM4 Signaling for data Center Optics”

Tian Gu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, “Reconfigurable Integrated Photonics Based on Optical Phase Change Materials”

Karim Hassan, CEA, France, “Versatile Silicon Photonic Platform for Datacom and Computercom Applications”

Jospeh Kahn, Stanford University, USA, “DSP-Free Coherent Interconnects for Data Center Networks”

Daniel Kuchta, IBM, USA, “High Speed, Low Energy, Low Latency and Low Cost Optical Interconnect for Servers and Data Centers”

Gunther Roelkens, Ghent University, Belgium, “Transer Printing for Silicon Photonics Transceivers and Interposers”

Stephen Ralph, Georgia Tech, USA, “Terabit Short Reach Optical Interconnects”

Hans-Jurgen Schmidtke, Facebook, CA, USA, “Requirements for Next Generation Data Center Networks”

Rob Stenger, IBM Research, USA, “Requirements for Next Generation Networks in High Performance Computing”

Hesham Taha, Teramount, Israel, “The Photonic-Plug – Scaling up Silicon Photonics Packaging”

Ming Wu, University of California-Berkeley, USA, “Energy-Efficient Microsecond Silicon Photonic Switches”